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"The Digital Humanitarian" Venture Manager

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Date Posted: 21-08-2017
Over the coming weeks, we will launch a research and product development initiative to make humanitarian aid better through digitalisation. Together with our already signed up partners, we will work on this aim starting with two phases:-
  1. Research and identify practical, actionable and scaleable digitalisation areas in Humanitarian aid. Applications related to Blockchain technology, focusing on grant management and beneficiary identification will form the initial focus, but other technological bases will follow (e.g. biometrics, digital remote management, workflow learning and e-operations). Phase 1 is scheduled to complete at the end of 2017.
  2. Together with our partners, develop and submit at least two funding applications presenting a detailed product developmental plan to address the identified area where the digitalisation can bring practical, cost-effective and scaleable solution. Phase 2 to scheduled to complete at the end of April 2018.
We are looking for a venture manager to kickstart and lead this initiative.
Tasks and responsibilities
Research, disseminate and present practical, actionable and scaleable digitalisation opportunities in the humanitarian sector.
  1. Act as key point of contact for all venture partners and engage with them to channel their technical and strategic contribution to the venture
  2. Develop, maintain and be in charge for progressing a detailed project plan about both phases above
  3. Organise and facilitate a Partner Conference in Hamburg after Phase 1.
  4. Write and submit at least 2 concept notes in Phase 2 in English to secure funding for the product development. MzN’s funding capacities will assist here.
  5. Write blog and/or record video blog items to update all stakeholders in this area every month.
Essential skills, attitude and experiences
  1. Outstanding communication skills, able to connect with team members, form a joint vision and cultivate productive excitement within and amongst our venture partners
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit: Welcome problems and challenges, see them as an opportunity to learn about them and solve them
  3. Experienced humanitarian manager, with up to date knowledge of the reality in humanitarian action
  4. Up to date on the current debate and latest technological advances in blockchain technology and other digitalization applications
  5. Possess and affinity to technology and an inherent understanding of it. Note that some of our partners are coders, developers and technical experts.
What we offer
  1. An opportunity to bring about large scale improvements to the humanitarian sector that could save countless lives and dignities
  2. Flexible working conditions between 75% to full-time (100%) employments or freelance contract, consistent with your work preferences, with 24 days paid holiday (FTE).
  3.  A modern, friendly and homely office in Hamburg, powered entirely with green energy and including free Softdrinks & Beer/Wine, table football and video games to allow you to work hard & play hard. Our offices also include 'with-child'- workplaces and occasional home working to allow you to agree family and work life.
  4. A competitive remuneration package with a substantial success-based incentive element.
  5. A limited term employment or freelance contract with the intention to make the position permanent upon project success.
Of course, MzN International is an equal opportunity employer and our offices are fully wheelchair accessible. We will recruit on a rolling basis and make an offer to a suitable candidate as soon as possible. We interview remotely and in-person in Hamburg. Note that a similar job aimed at making governance better through digitalisation is currently also being recruited for. 
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